Hofstra University – A Vibrant City Full of Academic Opportunities


Hofstra University is one of the best colleges in the US, ranking well in many categories. With a student body of over 10,000, it offers academic opportunities in a vibrant city. It also has a wide variety of postgraduate programs.

Hofstra is a private university that is located in Hempstead, Long Island, New York. The campus is spread across 244 acres, and includes 116 buildings. There are over 6,050 undergraduate students attending the school.

Hofstra’s student body is diverse, with nearly 43 percent being people of color. During the 2017-18 academic year, the school had 5,806 full-time students and 314 part-time students. This gives the university a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.

Students can choose from a number of majors, including accounting, business administration, computer science, journalism, law, and music. The school’s Honors College offers rigorous educational opportunities to highly-qualified students. As a result, it has a much more selective admissions policy than the university as a whole.

Students can apply for a variety of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. Federal aid is available, but students can also apply for private loans. In addition, the university offers an assistance grant to students who have family members who require special help. If you are an international student, you may be eligible for language tests to prove your English proficiency.

In addition to the athletics, there are a variety of recreational activities to keep students busy. For example, the Hillel provides kosher food on campus and takes pride in social and spiritual growth. On the weekends, students can visit Central Park or go to Broadway shows.

The faculty at Hofstra is renowned for its success as entrepreneurs. Many professors are best-selling authors, and they are involved in the local community. They are also highly respected in the academic community, and many hold leadership positions in national organizations.

Hofstra has a strong commitment to equity and diversity. The university supports students of all races, genders, and economic backgrounds. It also offers full access to its programs for students with disabilities.

Students are given the opportunity to become leaders and develop their personal skills through a variety of experiences. Whether they are exploring their interests through research, sports, or arts, Hofstra helps each student find their true purpose.

The campus is a great place to network. Student-to-student relationships are important at Hofstra, and it has a friendly staff. A number of student organizations exist, including the Pride Wrestling team.

Several different majors are available to students, and the University is known for its small classes. In addition, some of the degree programs are offered online. Several of these programs are available as joint degree programs, and they can be completed while working.

The on-time graduation rate at Hofstra is better than the national average. For first-time, full-time students, it is 52%. However, this is only one of the factors that contributed to Hofstra’s overall rating. Other factors include its strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, and its focus on each student’s individual needs.

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